Love at first bite

Love at first bite

aroma alluring ripe
power preserved flush cheeks red
deep crimson complex purple
color rolling around in
mouth tastes tip of teeth tingle
tongue touching rich smoothness warmth
soothes radiating drowsy
harmony sweet satisfied
perfectly balanced pucker

Mystical Misery Mash-up

Haunted by the memories Since You Been Gone

forever Jumpin, Jumpin at the chance to see your face

longing for the day when my Fairytale comes true

when you Get Your Shine On and I your embrace


Prompt: take any random song play list (from your iPod, CD player, favorite radio station, Pandora or Spotify, etc.) and use the next five song titles on that randomized list in a poem. 


so much depends

a grey speech

filled with black

inside the blue

Chained Melodies: a love song

When I have no one, I have you:
a song in my head, in my heart
soothing, soothing my spirit
(wreaking havoc on my soul!)
decluttering the clutter in my mind
loosening the cords that bind my thinking.

Cords floating all around me
Lifting my spirit higher still
Taking me away from this place
Troubles released in repeated sighs
Sighing at moments remembered
Forever captured in notes and bars



Joy lights eyes
smile that shines
touch elicits ecstasy

unbridled passion flaming
throwing sparks widely
emotions registered

joy and love
love and lust
passion and pride intertwined


The grandest thing I
can think to say is he loved
me with the
fervency of a small child
who holds in
hand a shining precious, reflecting him,
his brilliant eyes, his beaming face, so
open, so innocent.

He cared for me and
savored every sweet
second we shared. The
laughter and mischief
we found even in
instances of seriousness were his
favorite (and mine). His eyes…

summoned my soul. Pierced the
talk which caused him to blush
as he looked upon
my face and his
lips brushed my cheek.
But he didn’t dare. The
touch remained light, tender
in the most electrifying way.

I never understood how for so long he
failed to see that when he spoke
my heart froze and that
when he showed
even the slightest attention to me
I would melt and that
he mattered. HIM! But he
couldn’t believe that I cared.

He eventually called for me often. The
mornings when his touch
grew cold or evenings full of
regret and self-loath, when his
spirit darkened, his heart no longer warm,
he would reach out his hand
and explain that
he only needed me, gently.

This single gesture reached
my core so convincingly, moved my
soul so profoundly, my hair
now stands on end. The
exorbitant amount of smiles
that resulted however, that
lasted for days without end, we
inexplicably never shared.

For with that
task complete, desires filled
and insatiable satiated, my
services rendered unnecessary. My life
boiled down from a handful of hours with
uninhibited passion and unexplainable glee
to decades of heartache and grief. For
as with every meal, dessert ends when.

Never again did I
touch his face for I was
finally lost enough to see. And with
motivation and memories of him
I walked away, cleanly. I
recognized that I had found
the strength inside of me, the
vehemence of a determined child.

Shiny things soon dull, boredom soon sets in
But reflections reveal the truth. And mine loves me.

The Lune

you and me

tangled beneath sheets of white

breathing becomes easy


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